Things to Do - Visit Jackson Hole (2024)

Your Guide to Wild.

A lifetime of exploring isn't enough to experience everything Jackson Hole has to offer.

But you can start with these curated itineraries for how to spend your days in Jackson Hole, authored by those who know Jackson best—the locals who have carved out a life of adventure here. After all, great destinations are also great places to live, making Jackson home to world-class athletes, active retirees, fun-seeking families, fifth-generation ranchers, and anyone seeking a life rooted in community and nature. Proof that in Jackson Hole, there’s something for everyone.

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    Local Ski Resorts Are Summer Adventure Hotspots

    All three Jackson Hole-area ski resorts offer plenty to do once you’ve packed your skis and snowboards away for the summer.

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    All Roads Lead to Jackson Hole

    There’s a reason people devote entire books to the great American road trip.

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    A Climber’s Guide to Jackson Hole

    Jackson Hole offers a variety of options for all skill levels and styles of climbing.

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    A Local Guide to Wildlife Watching in the GYE

    It’s no secret that Jackson Hole is a haven for wildlife.

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From awe-inspiring encounters with nature to wild and western activities every kind, Jackson Hole offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences, 365 days a year.

Eager to glimpse your first bear, moose, or wolf? Challenge yourself with a run down black diamonds or class III rapids? Hook an 18-inch cutthroat? Meet a real cowboy? Watch a Teton sunset? This place is full of experiences you won't find that at home, or anywhere else for that matter. In Jackson Hole, wild adventures aren't just possible—they're already here waiting for you.

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From sushi to high alpine cuisine, breakfast burritos to bison steak, cold-pressed juices to croissants, Jackson Hole’s dining is almost as exciting as a bluebird powder day.


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Long before it had a skiing or climbing culture, Jackson Hole had art and music culture. This area inspires artists whose creations range from sculptures to stand-up comedy and even symphonies. Like the wildlife, the culture here knows no bounds.


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Find the clarity or cure your mind, body and soul are craving in nature, supported by our deep and diverse selection of wellness activities, practices, and professionals.


Ready for adventure?

It’s the best way to experience Jackson Hole! Slow travel is a mindful approach to traveling that emphasizes taking the time to fully experience and appreciate a destination rather than rushing through it in a short amount of time. It often involves using more sustainable modes of transportation, staying in locally owned accommodations, and engaging in authentic cultural experiences.

Slow travel can also help reduce the impact of tourism on local communities and the environment by supporting local businesses and reducing carbon emissions. It allows travelers to connect with the places they visit on a deeper level and gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for their cultures and histories. If you don’t know, go slow!

We’re glad you asked! The scenery, wildlife, and culture will make you feel alive, even in the dead of winter, but there are plenty of other ways to experience the Tetons. Other snow sports for active people include sledding, tubing, snowshoeing, ice skating, fat biking, and cross-country skiing. Adventurous outdoor activities that don’t require any special skills include wildlife tours via snowcat, snowmobile, or dogsled to Yellowstone National Park or Granite Hot Springs or a sleigh ride through the National Elk Refuge. No matter how you enjoy our winter wonderland during the day, a hot toddy (or hot cocoa for the kiddos) enjoyed around a roaring fire at one of our world-class accommodations is the best way to spend a chilly afternoon waiting for your friends to come off the slopes.

Things to Do

Yes, both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks are open year-round, though access to certain areas and roads changes by season. If you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting during the spring or fall, when the weather is cooler and the crowds are thinner. During these months, you can enjoy hiking, wildlife watching, and scenic drives while also avoiding the peak tourist season. Winter is a unique and magical time with plenty to do besides downhill skiing.

No matter when you visit, be sure to plan for any kind of weather conditions. As Jackson old-timers will tell you, they’ve seen snow flurries every month of the year! Many of the national parks’ roads and facilities are closed due to snow and ice from late October to sometime in May, so it’s important to check the Wyoming road report, look up Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks’ current conditions, have good tires no matter the time of year, and plan accordingly.

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the few remaining intact ecosystems on Earth, is home to more than 200 species of animals including wolves, black and grizzly bears, bison (did you know that Yellowstone bison comprise the nation’s largest bison population on public land?), elk, and nearly 60 other species of mammals. We’re also home to more than 300 species of birds including fantastic raptors like bald eagles, ospreys, and peregrine falcons. You might not see them, but we also have 16 species of fish, six species of reptiles (non-poisonous), and four species of amphibians.

Please help preserve this incredible natural treasure for future generations by observing wildlife from a distance, never feeding the animals, extinguishing wildfires, and driving slowly.

Wildlife Watching

We welcome your furry friends here in the Tetons, and there are a wide variety of pet-friendly accommodations, restaurants, and trails. But to protect our wildlife they aren’t welcome everywhere, so it’s important to do your homework so everyone has a great time.

In the national parks, a good rule of thumb is anywhere a car can go, a dog on a leash can go too, like campgrounds and visitor centers but not the trails. We’re surrounded by national forests and other public lands where well-behaved pets are welcome to roam free, but they must be on a leash in the parking areas. Make sure to have a leash in preparation for possible encounters with wildlife, people or other dogs, pick up your pup’s poop, and bring extra water and food.

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We like to think of Jackson as the home of the wild child. It’s a place where families can disconnect from technology and immerse themselves in transformative adventures, Western culture, and natural experiences. While you may be tempted to schedule a lot of activities to keep your kids entertained, we recommend you leave plenty of time to explore the natural environment with no goal in mind. Once you get them on the slopes or on the trail, we promise they will amaze themselves.

Learn more about visiting Jackson Hole with kids

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How to Have a Car-Less Jackson Hole Vacation

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There's plenty to explore any season in Jackson Hole.

  • Winter

    A snow-filled landscape offers both wild and cozy experiences for everyone. Along with world-class skiing and snowboarding, you can discover snowmobiling, sleigh rides, hot springs, fireside moments, and so much more.

  • Spring

    As the snow melts and the Tetons defrost, the Jackson Hole valley comes alive with signs of life: rivers swell with snow runoff, fields and trees burst into green, and wildlife comes out of hibernation with their young.

  • Summer

    Find your perfect adventure hiking, biking, climbing, and fishing or sit back and take in wild mountain, river, and wildlife views. No matter how you choose to spend your summer days in the Tetons, you’ll be connecting to the wild like you never have before.

  • Fall

    As the leaves change and mountain peaks get dusted with snow, scenic drives, bike rides, and hikes can offer the area’s most beautiful views of the year. Jackson and the national parks slow down a bit as summer winds down and wildlife begin preparation for winter.

Things to Do - Visit Jackson Hole (2024)


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