Merino Wool vs. Cotton: The Best Diabetic Socks (2024)

Many people choose to wear merino wool socks as a personal preference over cotton and synthetic materials. While everyone can benefit from the natural qualities of merino wool, for people living with diabetes, wearing merino wool socks can play a particularly important role in their overall foot health.

You may be wondering: What are the benefits of compression socks for people with diabetes?

If you're living with diabetes, you could run a higher risk of experiencing foot-related injuries as a result of poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy, a condition that causes a loss of feeling in the feet. Therefore, paying special attention to toe seams, materials, and cushioning can make a huge difference when buying the best diabetic socks for women and men.

Why You Should Avoid Cotton Diabetic Socks

Have you ever heard someone rave about how much they love their therapeutic cotton socks? We haven’t, either. More often than not, people wear cotton socks simply because they’re widely available and affordable. And while we certainly understand the allure of buying a multi-pack of cotton socks on sale at the drugstore, the risk-to-reward ratio just doesn’t add up for those living with diabetes. To put it plainly, cotton socks are not the best socks for diabetics.

Reasons to Steer Clear of Cotton Socks:

Cotton traps moisture and can keep feet damp. We all know cotton is great at absorbing moisture—that's why we prefer it for bath towels. However, cotton doesn't dry quickly and instead tends to stay damp. This is especially bad for feet. Damp socks inside shoes can easilycause irritation and be abrasive to your toes and feet, leading to blisters, odor, and ongoing foot-related ailments.

Cotton socks often fail the fit test. A good diabetic sock should conform to the foot and leg comfortably without losing shape. Cotton socks are often made using only cotton and nylon and, as a result, tend to slide down and lose shape after a few hours of wear. Loose fabric and wrinkles rubbing against the skin can be irritating, causing unintended minor injuries that add up to big problems down the road.

Why You’ll Love Merino Wool Diabetic Socks

The best diabetic socks are hands down merino wool socks. Unlike cotton, merino wool offers incredible natural features that help protect sensitive feet across every climate.Practicinggood diabetic foot careis much easier with the unique properties of merino wool diabetic socks.

Reasons to Choose Merino Wool Socks:

Merino wool is naturally thermoregulating. Like a well-insulated house, it keeps your feet at an ideal temperature in both cool and warm conditions. Merino wool manages moisture by absorbing and evaporating constantly, creating a breathable, comfortable environment for your feet and toes.

The perfect temperature means drier feet. Dry, comfortable conditions around the foot help to minimize hot spots, blisters, and bacterial growth, which is paramount to diabetic foot health.

Merino wool is naturally resilient. The natural crimp in wool gives wool yarn resilience and loft that provides protection for the foot.

Stretch and recovery when you need it most. Our merino wool diabetic socks are blended with a touch of bamboo rayon for softness and breathability, as well as spandex for the ideal amount of stretch and recovery.

    The Sockwell Difference

    As a company that’s focused on designing therapeutic socks to help you feel better in style, we’ve taken extra care to ensure our merino wool diabetic socks keep your feet healthy throughout the day. When you purchase a pair of Sockwell Diabetic-Friendly/Relaxed Fit socks, you’ll always find the unique benefits of merino wool, plus:

    • Spandex throughout sock for a snappy, non-bunching fit
    • Relaxed fit leg
    • Non-binding footbed
    • Non-irritating seamless toe closure
    • Cushioned sole

    No bunching. No tight tops. No irritating toe seams. Just the perfect, all-day fit for happy, healthy feet.

    Shop Sockwell Merino Wool Diabetic Socks.

    Common Questions About Diabetic Socks

    You probably have some lingering questions aboutmerino wool and finding socks for diabetic women and men. We definitely have answers.

    What Are Diabetic Socks Made Of?

    Diabetic socks can be made from many types of fibers. We recommend merino wool for a variety of reasons, including its natural thermoregulating and moisturecontrol properties. Merino wool simply offers a wider range of benefits that allow it to outperform cotton or synthetic fibers.

    Do Merino Wool Socks Itch More Than Other Socks?

    Our custom yarn blend features ultra-fine merino wool that will not itch. We also blend our merino wool socks with a touch of bamboo rayon for additional softness. You will find that our merino wool socksstayperfectly comfortable all day.

    Who Should NotWear Diabetic Socks?

    Good news: Sockwell Relaxed Fit/Diabetic Friendly socks are friendly for everyone. Our diabetic socks are carefully crafted to support sensitive feet with features like non-binding tops, extra cushion across the soles, and seamless toe closures.

    Everyone will find these socksto be incredibly comfortable and luxurious. Our diabetic-friendly socks are also known as having a “relaxed fit” and double as the perfect stay-at-home sock choice for sensitive and healthy feet alike.

    Are Diabetic Socks Worth It?

    Call us biased, but we think investing just a little more into what you put on your feet will go a long way. In addition to making you feel better, high-quality socks are designed to last longer.

    So, what are the best compression socks for diabetics? Glad you asked.

    Shop Sockwell Merino Wool Diabetic Socks.

    Merino Wool vs. Cotton: The Best Diabetic Socks (2024)


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